Simon Young, Aubrey de Grey, Robert A. Freitas's Designer Evolution: A Transhumanist Manifesto PDF

By Simon Young, Aubrey de Grey, Robert A. Freitas

ISBN-10: 1615920579

ISBN-13: 9781615920570

Author note: Forwards by way of Dr. Aubrey de gray, Robert A Freitas
Publish yr note: First released September thirtieth 2005

The debate concerning the ethics of human biotechnology or genetic engineering is without doubt one of the most vital cultural problems with our time. 'Transhumanism' is the philosophy that the majority of all helps genetic technological know-how and biotechnology, but the general public is aware little approximately this rising philosophy. Transhumanism proclaims unequivocal help for the try to dispose of sickness, defeat dying, and improve the physique and brain past the constraints of the age-old human . In Designer Evolution, Simon younger offers a polemical espousal of transhumanist philosophy and a trenchant assault on its critics, the 'Bio-Luddites'.

the writer demands a rejection of premodern superstition and post-modern nihilism in favour of a renewed trust in human growth via clinical rationality. In an age while cynicism, fatalism, and nihilism are rife, Designer Evolution will re-light a sense of optimism in regards to the way forward for our species. this can be a concise, reader-friendly advent to a extremely important philosophy that would develop into tricky to disregard as advances in biotechnology more and more declare the headlines within the coming many years.

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Let us discover the Will to Evolve beyond the limitations of the human condition. 13. THE PROMETHEUS DRIVE The Will to Evolve is symbolized in Greek mythology by the figure of Prometheus. Punished for giving man the gift of fire; chained to a rock; his liver devoured each day by vultures only to grow back again each night (in the first example of tissue regeneration in history—but not the last); Prometheus symbolizes the innate human drive to increase knowledge and abilities, even at the expense of present pains.

EVOLVE TO LIVE! Let the theists pray for help from one who never comes. Let the ecoists skulk back into nature’s womb. Let the postmodernists drown in the cheap solace of cynicism. Let them all wallow in the degradation of their biological slavery! We transhumanists shall continue striving in pursuit of the knowledge by which to free ourselves from the bonds of biological slavery. The human adventure is just beginning, and there are no limits to what we might achieve once we embrace the Will to Evolve beyond our human-all-too-human condition.

For what is humanity’s greatest goal but the defeat of death? 42 part 1: the transhumanist manifesto 18. THE DEFEAT OF DEATH Death is a disease waiting to be cured. We have learned to identify the genetic recipe for life. There is no reason to suppose that we will not go on to identify the genetic program for death. Research is well underway. Breakthroughs have been made. The mechanisms by which cells wear out, and the chemicals which extend their life, have been identified. The life span of simple organisms has been increased.

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