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By Judith Skillings

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Rebecca Moore has had greater than her fill of useless males . . . the 1st, her lover David, took his personal lifestyles in her bed room simply outdoor of Washington, D.C. -- a unconditionally mindless act of violence that explanations a significantly shaken Rebecca to hand over her activity as an investigative journalist and flee to rural Maryland to run her past due Uncle Walt's vintage motor vehicle recovery store. Out the following she faces a truly various pressure of rampant craziness -- let alone a motley number of very likely harmful, allegedly reformed ex-convict staff she's inherited. As she attempts to settle in, a moment male corpse surfaces, murdered and filled right into a glass beading computer at the store ground, the place it has no earthly correct or cause to be. Now, with a gorgeous cop who is extra drawn to her than within the case, and with extra loss of life within the offing, Rebecca Moore goes to need to lodge to what she does top: locate the evidence, finger a wrongdoer . . . and by some means remain alive.

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The visitors’ chair faced a pale wooden desk, the kind middle school teachers used in the fifties. It had seen a lot of idle doodling. Zimmer cleared his throat. Nodded once to himself. ” “Was. On special assignment with the Feds the last eighteen months. ” Zimmer nodded again, sucked his lower lip. ” The sheriff pulled a stack of photos from the center drawer. He aligned the edges, slid them to the middle, like a deck of cards waiting to be cut. ” The top black and white showed a middle-aged head with dark hair and a darker, splintered crater where the left side used to be.

A slow grin spread over Zimmer’s face. ” “Got to be involved. Homicide happened about midnight. They got security. One of them had to let Stuck in, else how’d he get there? Course they all swear they weren’t near the place. Cons are always innocent. ” “Queer, ain’t it? I’ll get you their files. Frank Lewes strangled his wife. Val Kearney’s a drugged-up thief. Paulson Antrim, well, he’s a mite peculiar. Comes from a fine old family, which is probably what’s kept his name out of the police blotter.

Over the next four summers, Rebecca had restored the engine, rewired it in its original color scheme and had it reupholstered. She never got around to doing the paint or the chrome. When she landed the job at the Washington Post and moved into a fringe neighborhood in DC, she’d left the MG behind. Walt had parked it in the corner of the barn, waiting DEAD END / 37 for her return. Did he think she’d come back before he died, or know she wouldn’t? Had he willed her the place to give her roots, or to protect his lifelong investment?

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