Crucified Again: Exposing Islam's New War on Christians by Raymond Ibrahim PDF

By Raymond Ibrahim

ISBN-10: 1621570258

ISBN-13: 9781621570257

Christian martyrdom isn't something of the previous. For Christians around the Muslim global at the present time, it's the negative and burning present.

In this stunning exposé, Raymond Ibrahim files the appalling sufferings of Christians from Morocco to Indonesia, from Turkey to Nigeria—everywhere, actually, that Islamic Sharia and the tradition it has formed carry sway. Ibrahim, a Coptic Christian born and raised in the USA by means of Egyptian mom and dad, makes use of his fluent Arabic, his thorough wisdom of Muslim resources, and his contacts in Christian groups around the Islamic international to discover the reality concerning the outrageous abuse Christians suffer every day and to show and clarify the in a different way unfathomable indifference of Western academia, media, and govt to the best human rights abuse obstacle of our time.

In Crucified Again you'll examine:

  • The genuine resource of Muslim violence towards Christians (it's now not approximately race, nationality, or economics)
  • Why Muslims can't tolerate Christian worship and Christian freedom
  • The extraordinary consistency within the Muslim persecution of Christians throughout centuries and continents
  • The fantasy of ancient Muslim "tolerance"—and the way it received started
  • Why Islamic persecution of Christians is getting worse

This gripping e-book tells the unreported tale of Christians less than Muslim oppression with ardour and totally convincing detail.

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Dhimmi testimony was not valid against a Muslim in court. • Raising one’s hands to a Muslim—even in self-defense— was banned on pain of death. • Dhimmi blood was not equal to Muslim blood. While killing a Muslim was punished by death, Muslims were not liable to the death penalty for killing dhimmis. • Preventing a fellow Christian’s conversion to Islam was banned. (Such conversions to Islam were encouraged by the preferential treatment converts would receive, especially vis-à-vis those who remained Christians.

33 Yet the matter does not end here. ” Thus to treat people as saghirun is “to belittle, deride, ridicule, debase, demean” them. ) This, then, is how the Koran—which Muslims hold to be the literal word of Allah—commands Muslims to make their defeated non-Muslim opponents feel. ” The theme of non-Muslim degradation appears regularly in the commentaries of Islam’s authorities. According to the Medieval Islamic Civilization Encyclopedia, Muslim “jurists came to view certain repressive and humiliating aspects of dhimma as de rigueur.

10 In any case, it is precisely the Hanbali school of thought, the one that venerates Ibn Taymiyya and al-Qayyim, that is becoming ubiquitous, thanks to Saudi wealth and influence. ) Suffice it to say, “Salafis,” or “radicals,” are growing in number and influence around the world 37 Islamic hostility for the Christian Church in History When it comes to churches, Islamic history is a testimony to Islamic doctrine. Under Muslim rule, from the seventh century to the present, tens if not hundreds of thousands of churches once spread across thousands of miles of formerly Christian lands have been attacked, plundered, ransacked, and destroyed or converted into mosques.

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