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An example of such behavior of an electrolyte solution near a clay surface was discussed by Sposito (1984). It was shown that the primary solvation shell of a monovalent cation contains between three and six water molecules that exchange relatively rapidly with the surrounding bulk liquid. A secondary solvation shell, if it exists, is very weakly developed. The primary solvation shell of a bivalent cation contains between six and eight water molecules, which exchange rapidly with the surrounding bulk liquid.

Despite this usefulness, thermodynamic considerations have limitations, and these most often are apparent in environmental systems at lower temperatures, in biological systems, and in the description of reactions at phase boundaries. , Avogadro’s number) of molecules and deals with overall reactions among a set of chemical species. Strictly speaking, equilibrium thermodynamics provide no information about how a chemical system reached its current state. The earth’s subsurface is not at complete thermodynamic equilibrium, but parts of the system and many species are observed to be at local equilibrium or, at least, at a “dynamic” steady state.

40) Note that the EMF (or ∆E) is determined by the nature of the reactants and electrolytes, not by the size of the system or amounts of material in it. The change in Gibbs free energy, ∆G, is the negative value of maximum electric work, ∆G = − W = − q∆E. 41) A redox reaction equation requires well-defined amounts of reactants and products. The number (n) of electrons in such a reaction equation is related to the amount of charge transferred when the reaction is completed. Because each mole 42 2 Selected Geochemical Processes of electron has a charge of 96485 coulombs (known as the Faraday constant, F), q = nF, so that ∆G = − nF∆E.

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