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A brief summary of their replies indicates the ways in which, according to the heads, the combined centres were most strikingly innovatory. In the case of children aged three upwards occupying part-time or Jull-time nursery school places , all four heads feIt that the centres did not differ radically from conventional nursery school provision, although they also considered that the higher staff ratio in centres would permit such children to receive greater attention from staff, while the availability of trained staff and equipment geared to the needs of younger children could benefit the slow developers among this older group.

Reasons for leaving nurseries Provided that a family is satisfied with the pre-school facility it is using, it might expected that, barring unforeseen changes such as a move ofhome, a child would remain in attendance until the time came to move on to infant school. 4). The highest proportion was in the nursery schools (65 per cent) followed by the combined centres (54 per cent) but the number in the day nurseries (27 per cent) was considerably lower. A number of the reasons given for children leaving the nurseries suggested some dissatisfaction or lack of commitment on the part of the families concemed.

Hen and cleaning staff. At the beginning ofthe research all staff worked a shift system, with at least one senior member always on the premises. The teaching staff were entitled to the equivalent of school holidays (12 weeks), staggered throughout the year, while the nursery nurses had only ten days in addition to the two summer weeks when the centre was closed. Further details of the staff working conditions and their own views of the system will be discussed in Chapter 5. Chestnut was the first of the combined nursery centres to be set up by local authority departments.

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