New PDF release: Coaching Made Easy Step By Step Techniques That Get Results

By Mike Leibling, Robin Prior

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With case stories, problem-solving advice, and confidence-building workouts, this article is going to equip you to teach either contributors and teams and in addition give you a great self-development device.

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Coaching can be very much like that: supporting a small shift now to make the destination for the client a continent away from where they would have arrived, had you not helped them adjust the tiller by a fraction. Tip ‘A step in the right direction’ You do not need to expect your client to have reached their destination by the end of a coaching session. Just be clear after Step B that they have a new destination not only in mind but in body as well (ie you can see that they’re not just mouthing the words, but that they’re really trying it on for size).

And he immediately felt better – he had at least got a ‘what’ that felt right, even if the ‘how’ was to take a while longer. He then asked himself how he could do this, and the answer was clearly that he couldn’t. So he would need to find someone else to take his place in one of the two events. He felt that he wanted to go to his mother, as that’s what – in her shoes – he imagined that she would prefer. And so the task was to find another trainer to step into the training. The person he called was able and willing and available.

Many ‘towards’-motivated Americans find European ‘away from’ thinking irritating and ‘negative’. The French, for example, are excellent at noticing what might stop a project from working. ’, often makes them unwelcome in a ‘towards’ culture. And since many goal-setting and coaching styles originated in the United States, they have an emphasis on positive objectives and goals and targets. This works well for ‘towards’ people who find it easy to know what they want. But this emphasis on positive objectives can alienate those who are better at knowing what they don’t want.

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