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Note the differences between nuclear and cellular activity. A plasma cell, synthesizing a specific antibody, will be metabolically very active, yet its nucleus looks "inactive" since the cell's functions depend on relatively few genes (Fig. 6). 28 Cells and Tissues Fig. 7 TEM of the nuc­ leus of a hepatocyte from human liver: the densely stained, coiled structure is the nucleolus. ) (Cour­ tesy, Dr M. ) What can you predict about the cell whose nucleus is shown in Fig. 7? A) How would this nucleus and the one of the plasma cell (Fig.

238:3, Sharon, N. (1977). Lectins. Scient. Am. 236:6, 108-119. The structure of the glycocalyx and 104-123. The biochemistry, biophysics and cell behaviour. ultrastructure of mitochondria. F. E. (1979). The Weissmann, G. and Claiborne R. (Ed) (1975). P. Publishing, New assembly of cell membranes. Scient. Am. York. A multi-author book dealing not only 240:1, 38-53. How the polarity of the cell with the structure of cell membranes, but membranes is achieved. their functions and biochemistry. R. B.

The whole process of synthesis and preparation for secretion takes place in spaces separated from the cytoplasm by phospholipid membranes. These synthetic and secretory spaces vary in appearance, and carry several names as their functions change. The site of synthesis is called the endoplasmic reticulum (an alternative but less widely used name is ergastoplasm). 10) which, rarely, is seen to communicate at one end with the perinuclear space. As material is synthesized, it is passed through the lining membrane into the ER.

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