Richard M. Bateman's Cased-Hole Log Analysis and Reservoir Performance Monitoring PDF

By Richard M. Bateman

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ISBN-13: 9781493920679

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This publication addresses important matters, akin to the assessment of shale fuel reservoirs and their creation. subject matters comprise the cased-hole logging atmosphere, reservoir fluid houses; stream regimes; temperature, noise, cement bond, and pulsed neutron logging; and casing inspection. construction logging charts and tables are incorporated within the appendices. The paintings serves as a entire reference for creation engineers with upstream E&P businesses, good logging carrier corporation staff, collage scholars, and petroleum education professionals.

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16 qowf,. 65, NaCl = 80,000 ppm, pwf = 3,200 psi, Twf = 170 °F Find: a. qowf = ___BOPD b. qwwf = ___BWPD c. 1 a. 115 b. 08 c. 032 d. 2 a. R′sw = 12 cf/B b. 9 c. 5 a. Tpc = 420 °R b. 6 a. 4 b. 45 c. 7 a. 6 b. 11 a. 9 b. 12 a. Co = 10 × 10−6 b. 13 a. 43 b. 15 a. 2 cp b. 16 a. qowf = 80 BOPD b. qwwf = 306 BWPD c.  Natural gasoline and the volatile hydrocarbons. Tulsa: Natural Gas Association of America; 1948.  Fundamentals of reservoir engineering. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press; 1953.  Pressure–volume–temperature and solubility relations for natural-gas– water mixture.

15. Note that values for T in the above equation must be in degrees Rankin (°R). To convert from Fahrenheit to Rankin, use °R = °F + 460. 828 by the following steps: 34 3 Reservoir Fluid Properties Fig. 14 Natural gas deviation factor. Courtesy Schlumberger; after Standing and Katz 1942 Fluid Properties 35 1. Enter pwf scale at 140 kg/cm2 2.  This will define a “pivot point” on the vertical line A 3. 828 4. Read 1/Bg = 135 Fig. 15 Gas formation volume factor. 76 a. Find 1/Bg b. If the well flows 1 MMscf/ D, what is qgwf?

4 lb. 44. So use seven weights. Riser requirements = 16-ft tool + (7 × 4 ft) = 44 ft. Rig height = 10 + 44 + 10 + 6 = 70 ft. 2 (a) The well must be shut in before tools can be run in or out of the well. (b) No effect on ability to log well. (c) To bleed off pressure in the riser before undoing the quick-connect riser connection. 3 500 B/D 3 Reservoir Fluid Properties PVT Refresher Course For a complete understanding of the behavior of producing wells, it is necessary to keep in mind the fundamental principles that govern the properties of hydrocarbon liquids and gases.

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