Building the Gymnastic Body: The Science of Gymnastics - download pdf or read online

By Christopher Sommer

ISBN-10: 0982125305

ISBN-13: 9780982125304

The global has consistently marveled at their striking physiques every time the gymnasts take middle degree on the world’s greatest athletic competitions. Awe-inspiring feats of energy, ability and agility are played with what seems to be easy ease. The gymnasts look a breed aside and their actual accomplishments seem to be past the succeed in of the typical guy; that's till now.

For the 1st time, construction the Gymnastic physique lets you move deep in the international of gymnastics power education. tremendous entire and designated, with approximately two hundred workouts (many of that have by no means been obvious earlier than by way of most of the people) and good over 500 images, it's a entire developmental template for development the basic starting place of energy required for all gymnastics good fortune. even if you're a aggressive athlete trying to find an side, a health fanatic or simply starting a more healthy way of life, construction the Gymnastic physique is the reply you've been looking out for.


CHAPTER ONE - Gymnastics as Conditioning

CHAPTER - basic info, instruments of the exchange - nine, uncomplicated Gymnastics Terminology - eleven, the choice of those workouts - 15, Handstands & Press Handstands - 16

CHAPTER 3 - uncomplicated energy - 21

CHAPTER 4 - primary Static Positions; L-sit - 26, Straddle L - 30, Manna - 35, again Lever - forty-one, entrance Lever, Planche - 49

CHAPTER 5 - higher physique urgent; basic body weight workouts, Push-up diversifications - sixty one, Dip adaptations - sixty eight, HSPU adaptations - seventy six, Multi-plane urgent adaptations - 83

CHAPTER SIX - higher physique Pulling; Row adaptations - ninety one, Pull-up diversifications - ninety six, Curl adaptations - 103, Multi-plane Pulling adaptations - 106

CHAPTER SEVEN - mixed Pull/Press; Muscle-up adaptations - 113, different CPP adaptations - 118

CHAPTER 8 - center; V-up diversifications - 123, HLL adaptations - 127, back diversifications - 132, indirect adaptations - 138, directly physique diversifications - 144

CHAPTER 9 - Legs; Deck Squat diversifications - 156, unmarried Leg Squat adaptations - 159, Hamstring adaptations - 165

CHAPTER TEN - application layout ideas; Static energy education - 171, easy energy education - a hundred seventy five, built-in education - 178, dealing with depth - 179, team education - 182

APPENDIX A - information for expanding Pull-ups - 185

APPENDIX B - Static energy purely education effects - 186

APPENDIX C - one hundred twenty Muscle-ups in quarter-hour - 187

Index - 189

A unique thank you - 194

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COM will ever shoulder athletes I a regular BUILDING THE GYMNASTIC BODY 34 straddle L, n o w a t t e m p t to lift y o u r h i p s to shoulder high by pressing y o u r h i p s back a n d u p . Your forward lean will increase as y o u r hips go higher. U p o n reaching the correct position, y o u r knees will be higher t h a n y o u r elbows. Be sure to m a i n t a i n the correct position for y o u r legs, if y o u feet start to d r o p b e l o w the level of y o u r knees, y o u are attempting to go too h i g h for y o u r current level of strength.

Begin from a straddle sit on the floor. Partially roll b a c k w a r d t h e n quickly roll forward while simultaneously attempting to p u s h up into the straddle L w i t h b o t h h a n d s in the center. There will be a m o m e n t a r y h o l d of the straddle L at best. Adjust the intensity of this m o v e m e n t by increasing or decreasing the speed of the roll forward. Difficulty rating: Straddle L - PB For a correct straddle L position, the legs should be parallel to the floor w i t h the feet slightly above the knees.

Keeping the back flat allows the chest to r e m a i n elevated, w h i c h is essential in eventually achieving the top position of the m a n n a . COM T H E SCIENCE OF GYMNASTICS STRENGTH TRAINING Manna - M S H l o w Once y o u are able to press y o u r hips forward off your wrists in the bent leg m i d d l e split hold, y o u m a y m o v e on to the straight leg version. ) w i t h this variation. You will find that straightening the knees greatly increases the strength d e m a n d s on y o u r hips.

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