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By L. A. Meyer

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Existence as a ship's boy aboard HMS Dolphin is a dream come precise for Jacky Faber. long gone are the times of scavenging for nutrition and battling for survival at the streets of eighteenth-century London. in its place, Jacky is changing into a talented and revered sailor because the staff pursues pirates at the excessive seas.There's just one challenge: Jacky is a woman. and she or he should use each piece of her spirit, wit, and braveness to maintain the group from gaining knowledge of her mystery. this may be the journey of her life--if purely she does not get stuck. . . .

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Pirates—Fiction. 5. ] I. Title. M9795B1 2002 [Fic]—dc21 2002000759 ISBN 0-15-216731-5 Text set in Minion Display set in Pabst Designed by Cathy Riggs G H F Printed in the United States of America As always, for Annetje Prologue My name is Jacky Faber and in London I was born, but, no, I wasn't born with that name. Well, the Faber part, yes, the Jacky part, no, but they call me Jacky now and it's fine with me. They also call me Jack-o and Jock and the Jackeroe, too, and, aye, it's true I've been called Bloody Jack a few times, but that wasn't all my fault.

Very well, boy, you can come aboard," says the officer, and I slides down the pilin' with me heart in me throat and suffers a few kicks and threats and jabs on me way to the plank but I don't care, 'cause I'm bein' delivered and goin' to sea. As I cross the plank I look down into the dark water and give a bit of a shiver. Then I calms meself and goes on. A girl what's born for hangin ain't likely to be drowned. " says the weedy little man at the table, his pen ready. "Jack, Sir," says I, as steady as I can.

Charlie is the leader of our gang and is called the Rooster 'cause his last name is Brewster, and him being such a cocky little banty, it seems natural, like. He's small, but he's smart and quick. Charlie's hair is straight and red and hangs to one side like a cock's comb. He's got britches that were once white and a once-white shirt and a bright blue vest over that, and he looks right fine, he does. A flash cove is our Rooster Charlie. Besides him there's Polly and Judy and Nancy, and Hugh the Grand, him what is big and strong like an ox but what is a bit slow in the head.

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