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Consequently, any delay in the occurrence of earthquake will increase its magnitude and thus the devastation only. 6 EARTHQUAKE HAZARD ZONATION, RISK EVALUATION AND MITIGATION The importance of seismological studies lies in the fact that information generated can be used to mitigate the earthquake hazards. Preparation of seismotectonic/seismic zonation maps is the first step in this direction. , (iii) Estimation of upper bound magnitude through statistical procedure, cumulative seismic energy release, active fault length etc.

In the cross-hole method sensors are placed at one elevation in one or more borings. Then a source of energy is triggered in another boring at the same elevation. The waves travel horizontally from the source to the receiving holes. The arrivals of the S-waves are noted on the traces of the response of the sensors. The velocity of S-wave can be calculated by dividing 42 Basic Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering the distance between borings by the time for a wave to travel between them. However, it is difficult to establish the exact triggering time.

Present wave characteristics and particle motions for different main seismic waves in tabular form. 6. Write short note on fault structure. 7. Explain about dip, strike and slip. 8. Explain about dip-slip, strike-slip and oblique-slip type of hanging wall movement. 9. Present modified Mercalli scale in a tabular form. 10. Write short note about seismograph, seismogram and seismic waves obtained from seismogram. 1 INTRODUCTION Natural disasters like earthquake, landslide, flood, drought, cyclone, forest fire, volcanic eruption, epidemic and major accidents are quite common in different parts of the globe.

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