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By Duncan Dartrey Adams

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This publication describes how the Jerne-Burnet Forbidden Clone thought and the Adams-Knight H Gene thought, solved the pathogenesis and genetics of the autoimmune ailments exhibiting how particular immunotherapy and prophylaxis could be built. moreover, Ebringer's discovery of 2 microbial triggers of autoimmune illnesses is defined and the belief drawn that each one autoimmune illnesses have microbial triggers, so should be preventable by means of the discovering of the triggers and vaccination opposed to them.

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Cytotoxic T cells kill virus-infected host cells and, in the form of forbidden clones, kill normal host cells, including the pancreatic islet b cells, causing Type 1 Diabetes [9, 10], pericytes, causing diabetic retinopathy [11, 12] and probably other autoimmune diseases with specific parenchymal cell destruction. (Fig. 3) Fig. , Adams has postulated that the pericytes are destroyed by forbidden clones of cytotoxic T cells, antigenicly-related to those that destroy the pancreatic islet b cells.

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