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Although difficulties from the past may appear daunting, we know that it is possible for children to recover and make progress in their new families. Warm, consistent and reliable caregiving can help children and young people of all ages to grow in confidence and build trust in close relationships. Attachment for foster care and adoption 01 BAAF Attachment 22/05/06 4:53 pm Page 37 Slide 3 The parenting cycle Child’s behaviour Child thinking and feeling CHILD DEVELOPMENT Carer thinking and feeling Parenting behaviour The parenting cycle (information for trainers) ● So what, exactly, is happening in foster and adoptive families to make changes occur?

Child’s behaviours that suggest ‘I am safe’. ● Child’s behaviours that suggest ‘I can explore safely and return easily to my secure base’. ● Child’s behaviours that suggest ‘other people can be trusted’. Alternative ways of running Exercise 4 ● Keep flip chart on the wall for ongoing recording of “signs of progress”, remind participants to add to it whenever they think of examples. Facilitators add to it when examples are offered. ● If another session is to follow in a short timespan, ask participants to bring one example with them next time and use this as a “warm up” exercise.

Current difficulties Marcia came into foster care when she was five and at seven was placed for adoption, but this broke down after two years. She had another foster placement before being placed with her current foster family who are committed to keeping her permanently. Marcia is rather cool and critical towards her carers, telling them they are too old for her, she doesn’t like their food, and so on. She keeps herself apart, often refusing to eat with them, go out with them or even to join them watching TV in the evenings.

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