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By National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Board on Energy and Environmental Systems, Committee on the Assessment of Technologies for Improving Light-Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy

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Quite a few mixtures of commercially on hand applied sciences may perhaps significantly lessen gasoline intake in passenger vehicles, sport-utility cars, minivans, and different light-duty automobiles with no compromising motor vehicle functionality or protection. evaluate of applied sciences for bettering mild accountability motor vehicle gas economic system estimates the capability gas mark downs and prices to shoppers of obtainable expertise mixtures for 3 forms of engines: spark-ignition gas, compression-ignition diesel, and hybrid. based on its estimates, adopting the total mixture of better applied sciences in medium and big automobiles and pickup vans with spark-ignition engines might decrease gas intake via 29 percentage at an extra rate of $2,200 to the shopper. changing spark-ignition engines with diesel engines and elements might yield gasoline rate reductions of approximately 37 percentage at an further expense of roughly $5,900 in keeping with automobile, and exchanging spark-ignition engines with hybrid engines and elements would cut back gas intake via forty three percentage at a rise of $6,000 in keeping with automobile. The booklet makes a speciality of gasoline consumption--the quantity of gasoline ate up in a given riding distance--because strength mark downs are at once concerning the quantity of gasoline used. against this, gas economic climate measures how some distance a motor vehicle will shuttle with a gallon of gasoline. simply because gasoline intake information point out cash kept on gas purchases and savings in carbon dioxide emissions, the e-book unearths that car stickers should still offer shoppers with gasoline intake information as well as gas economic system details.

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Knock and pre-ignition are to be avoided, as they both lead to very high rates of combustion pressure and ultimately to component failure. While approaches such as turbocharging and direct injection of SI engines alter this picture somewhat, the fundamentals remain. CI diesel engines, however, are not knock limited and have excellent torque characteristics at low engine speed. In the European market, the popularity of turbocharged CI diesel engines in light-duty vehicle segments is not only driven by the economics of fuel economy but also by the “fun-to-drive” element.

These indirect costs include research and development (R&D), pensions and health care, warranties, advertising, maintaining a dealer network, and profits. 1 The retail price equivalent (RPE) cost of decreasing fuel consumption includes not only changes in manufacturing costs but also any induced changes in indirect costs and profit. Most methods for estimating manufacturing costs begin by identifying specific changes in vehicle components or designs, and they then develop individual cost estimates for each affected item.

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Assessment of Fuel Economy Technologies for Light-Duty Vehicles by National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Board on Energy and Environmental Systems, Committee on the Assessment of Technologies for Improving Light-Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy

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