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By Oliver C Mullins; et al

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ISBN-13: 9780387689036

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The exciting light is propagating in the negative x-direction and its polarization is oriented along the z-coordinate of a laboratoryfixed system. The fluorescence will propagate along the positive y-axis and the polarization will be detected either in z- or in x-direction. The origin is placed con→ veniently at the position of the fluorophore. The transition dipole moment − μ shall Asphaltene Molecular Size and Weight 29 have an arbitrary orientation with respect to the molecular axes. While the ori→ entation of − μ stays constant in the molecule system, it is time dependent in the laboratory system.

Mullins Plausibly the governing physics is that the nanoaggregates grow until steric hindrance from the alkane and alicyclic substituents impedes further close approach of fused aromatic portions of molecules in the aggregate. At this point growth of this aggregate terminates and new nanoaggregates grow upon increasing concentration. The relation of the aggregates to standard micelles is explored by careful consideration of the respective governing physics (Chapter 7). Small angle neutron scattering and small angle x-ray scattering clearly show a fundamental length scale is observed in asphaltenes, the radius of gyration is a few nanometers (Chapter 14).

The molecule constantly undergoes rotational diffusion but prior to photoabsorption, there is no way to monitor this process. The rotational 22 Henning Groenzin and Oliver C. 1. Schematic illustrating the process of time-resolved fluorescence depolarization (TRFD). Absorption of a polarized photon E ex polarizes the excited electronic state of the fluorophore. The fluorophore undergoes rotational random walk; the electronic transition dipole moment is fixed in the molecular frame. The emitted fluorescence photon reflects the polarization of the rotated molecule.

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