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By Chin Pao Huang, Charles R. O'Melia, James J. Morgan

ISBN-10: 084122921X

ISBN-13: 9780841229211

Presents complete experimental and theoretical analyses of chemical reactions in multiphase, multispecies platforms. Explores the foundations and functions of floor chemistry, soil chemistry, microbiology, geochemistry, redox response, and colloid chemistry to environmental platforms. Examines the impression of abiotic and biotic interfaces on chemical reactions in aquatic setting structures. comprises chapters by means of Werner Stumm, the founding father of aquatic chemistry.

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Chemical reactions for the adsorption of metal cations (Mm+) by hydroxdated surfaces also were proposed by Stumm et aI. (5) in the second paper: SOH(s) + Mm+(aq) - - SOMlm-I)+(s) + H+(aq) 2S0H(s) + MIIl+(aq) - - (SO)2M1m-2)+(S) + 2H+(aq) (5a) (6a) \\ith the corresponding conditional eqUilibrium constants (5b) (6b) \\┬Ěhere aM is an aqueous free metal cation activity. Methodologies were outlined for estimating the thermodynamic eqUilibrium constants that represent the reactions in equations 5a and 6a [see also Schindler et aI.

In other words, all models can be used to describe experimental data over the range of experimental data; the "intelligence" of the data, on the other hand is not sufficient to gain insight into the phYSical nature of the interface. Johnston and Sposito (26) arrived at similar conclusions in a review of approaches to soil surface speciation and then went on to suggest an obvious alternative to the endless archiving of adsorption data: These models [also] have been applied successfully to soil colloids to bring matters full circle; but, like their predecessors, they rely solely on prior molecular concepts and are tested only by goodness-of-fit to adsorption data.

Soc. 1984, 131, 1243. 50. Grauer, R; Stumm, W Colloid. Polymer. Sci. 1982, 260, 959-970. 5l. Schneider, W; Schwyn, B. ; Wiley and Sons: New York, 1987; pp 167-196. 52. ; Schwertmann, U. Clay Miner. 1979,27, 402-410. 53. ; Giovanoli, R; Schneider, W J. Chem. Technol. BioI. 1989, 46, 115-134. 54. ; Matijevic, E. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 1979, 68, 408. 55. Luther, G. W, III Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 1987, 51, 3193-3199. RECEIVED for review October 23, 1992. ACCEPTED revised manuscript May 24, 1993.

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Aquatic chemistry: interfacial and interspecies processes by Chin Pao Huang, Charles R. O'Melia, James J. Morgan

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