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The experimental path as Φχ is scanned and I varies between zero and 2ic is shown by dashed lines. We see immediately that a region of Φ-space near (fc + ^)Φ 0 is never traversed along the path defined by the quantum state. This is analogous to omitting 1. JOSEPHSON WEAK-LINK DEVICES 55 FIG. 28. Magnetic behavior of a double-weak-link interferometer. The solid curves represent the stable magnetic states for two general cases, i0 ^ Φ0/2ιτΖ/. The dashed lines represent the behavior as the external current oscillates beyond the total critical current with Φχ increased at a rate small compared with the variation in total current.

JOSEPHSON WEAK-LINK DEVICES 27 FIG. 11a. Complex response of the rf voltage Vi in Fig. 10 for ß < 1 and a variable applied field Φχ°. junction conductance and capacitance. Without going through the details of the derivation, the voltage across the resonant circuit at the fundamental frequency, correct to the first order in Lic/Φο, is M Vx = |Z|/isin(co< - δ) + 2 — ic\Z\Jx L\ X [2τ/L\l/2\Z\hl k y . / Λ 4-JcoB*«n(--2·--) (51) where Ζ(ίω) = ( 1 / Ä L + ùàCx + lAcoLx)-1 = \Z\eiS (52) and h is the amplitude of the rf bias current at ω.

Diagram of the construction of lead lead-oxide lead Josephson tunneling junctions as performed by Schroen. 1. JOSEPHSON WEAK-LINK DEVICES 57 array the junctions had nearly the same critical current and switching characteristics between superconducting and normal states. A sketch of one of the junctions is shown in Fig. 29. A thin-film strip of Pb 150 μ wide was vacuum deposited on a clean glass substrate, followed by a 1 μ thick layer of photoresist. An opening the size of the desired junction was made in the photoresist, and the insulating barrier was then formed by glow discharge on the exposed metal surface.

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