Applied process design for chemical and petrochemical plants - download pdf or read online

By Ernest E. Ludwig (Eds.)

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The absorber correlation of O’Connell (Figure 8-29) should be used as long as it generally gives lower values than the other two relations. It can be used for stripping of gases from rich oils provided care is exercised to not accept too high values. The area of absorption and stripping is difficult to correlate €or the wide range of peculiarities of such systems. The correlation of Gautreaux and O’Connell [221 allows 41 a qualitative handling of tray mixing to be considered with overall and local efficiencies.

Slope of “q” line: -q =-=-- 1-q -0 - 0 1-0 This represents no change in overflow from the feed plate, and the increase in vapor flow is equal to the mols of feed. 14 min. reflux ratio, reflux/product Slope of operating line at minimum reflux: Because the feed is a super cooled liquid, L,/V, is not equal to LJV,. 763 No. of theoretical plates from graph = 11 No. 84 reflux/product Slope of operating line at minimum reflux: (L/V) . 0226 Use these equations as described for the (a) part of prob lem in solving for number of theoretical plates stepwise.

Total Condenser In a total condenser all of the overhead vapor is condensed to the liquid state. When the heat load or duty on the condenser is exactly equal to the latent heat of the saturated or dew point of the overhead vapor from the distillation column, the condensed liquid will be a saturated bubble point liquid. 86 MPa) * T,, > Bottoms decomposition or critical temperature Lower pressure PD appropriately Figure 8-12. Algorithm for establishing distillation column pressure and type condenser.

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