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The head faces anteriorly, medially and superiorly. II. The femoral neck is approximately 5 cm long. The neck shaft angle (or angle of inclination) is approximately 125 , and the neck is slightly anteverted, some 10–15 . Anteriorly, the neck is intracapsular, with the capsule attaching to the intertrochanteric line; however, posteriorly only the medial portion of the neck is intracapsular. III. The greater trochanter can be palpated a hand’s-breadth below the tubercle of the iliac crest and is in line with the femoral head.

The tibial nerve supplies both groups, which consist of the following muscles: • superficial group – gastrocnemius, soleus and plantaris • deep group – tibialis posterior, flexor hallucis longus and flexor digitorum longus. XVIII. S1,2. This is a commonly asked question and so you should remember the nerve root values of all the reflexes in the body. The other important lower limb reflex is the knee, which is L2–4. Question 10 I. The important diagnosis to exclude is an acute compartment syndrome.

The two heads of gastrocnemius and the soleus are collectively known as the triceps surae. Their main action is to plantarflex the ankle. When walking or running, this action raises the heel propelling the body forwards. Gastrocnemius is also a knee flexor. Question 11 I. 15. Vertebral bodies strengthen the vertebral column and support the weight of the body. The bodies of lumbar vertebrae are large, wider transversely, forming a kidney shape, and deeper anteriorly. The anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments help stabilise the spine.

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