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Do not redistribute! 1999-12-01 22:15 Chapter 17. The Canvas Oval Item Chapter 18. ) ⇒ id Create a oval item at the given position, using the given options. Note that the oval string itself is given by the oval option. ) ⇒ id Create a polygon item. You must specify at least 3 vertices when you create a new polygon. delete(item) Delete an oval item. delete(item) Delete a polygonitem. coords(item, x0, y0) Move one or more oval items. , xn, yn) Change the coordinates for one or more polygon items.

Insert the widget at this column. Column numbers start with 0. If omitted, defaults to 0. columnspan integer If given, indicates that the widget cell should span more than one column. in (in_) widget Place widget inside to the given widget. You can only place a widget inside its parent, or in any decendant of its parent. If this option is not given, it defaults to the parent. Note that in is a reserved word in Python. To use it as a keyword option, append an underscore (in_). ipadx, ipady distance Optional internal padding.

You can change these values using the onvalue and offvalue options. The variable doesn't have to be an integer variable: Option Type Description window window The widget to embed in the canvas. anchor constant Specifies which part of the window that should be placed at the given position. Use one of N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W , NW, or CENTER. Default is CENTER. height, width distance The height and width of the window. If omitted, the height and width defaults to the actual window size. tags tuple One or more tags to associate with the window.

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