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Entry into World War II, the historical precedence for black advancement out of the ghetto and into the urban democracy proved not to be Italian American machine politics but Jewish American civic protest. With the rise of Adolph Hitler in Europe in the 1930s, the Jewish community gained new ground in the public sphere through challenging the status quo and utilizing radical forms of protest, particularly in pickets and rallies. From a base estimated at about 65,000 in the Central Ward, Jewish labor and religious leaders organized massive public demonstrations and boycotts of German-made goods in the department stores.

And this time the Board of Education rejected the application based on its policy of segregation in the public schools. C. ”17 In Washington, it was Eleanor Roosevelt rather than President Roosevelt who challenged the DAR—she resigned from the organization, as did more than two hundred members that year. ” Instead of singing German opera at Constitution Hall as she had planned, Anderson chose to perform the national anthem, a portion of which was filmed for movie-house news reels and all of which was transmitted on radio across the nation.

Kress, Hoffman LaRoche, and Kraft Food Company until they agreed to the terms of the international boycott. Some stores honored the boycotts, and some, like Woolworths, refused to stop purchasing German products. For the most part, Newark’s Protestant elite remained indifferent, as did most African Americans, and not until late 1938 did the white civic leaders speak out against anti-Semitism and the rise of Hitler. 72 In the first period of population growth, the era of Great Migration, the African American community suffered great burdens of political and economic discrimination, but rarely responded with organized protest or resistance like other ethnic groups.

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