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By I Barry Holland, Susan P. C. Cole, Karl Kuchler, Christopher F. Higgins

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ISBN-13: 9780123525512

ABC Proteins is an in-depth, updated research of all that's identified in regards to the topic up to now. It discusses and compares evolution, biology and mechanism of motion of all recognized ABC proteins, together with the 1st structural reviews in addition to medical implications. it is going to be beneficial to a person attempting to remain abreast of the newest findings. This ebook is certain to turn into a vintage and may usually be up to date. Key positive factors* Phylogeny and Evoloution of ABC Transporters* basic elements of the Mechanism of motion of ABC Transporters* Prokaryote ABC Transporters* Non-Mammalian Transporters* Multidrug Transporters* ABC Transporters, Physiological Roles and Human disorder* complete colour all through

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Interestingly, the IM and the SSA proteins of an MKL family system in M. tuberculosis have been subjected to extensive gene duplications, so that eight genes for IMs and ten genes for SSA proteins were identified in the genome. , 1993). It is therefore tempting to speculate that MKL systems are implicated in the maintenance of bacterial outer cell surface integrity. MKL systems are apparently not restricted to prokaryotes since a typical system was found in the nuclear genome of A. thaliana. The ABCY family Systems of the ABCY family have an overall organization similar to that of BPD transporters with the difference that the extracytoplasmic protein is a lipoprotein (LPP), even in Gram-negative bacteria.

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22, 347–351. Bonnard, G. M. (1995) A gene proposed to encode a transmembrane domain of an ABC transporter is expressed in wheat mitochondria. Mol. Gen. Genet. 246, 91–99. Boos, W. M. (1996) Periplasmic binding protein-dependent ABC transporters. In: Escherichia coli and Salmonella Cellular and Molecular Biology, 2nd ed. (ed. C. Neidhardt), pp. 1175–1209. Washington: ASM Press. , Zelcer, N. and van Helvoort, A. (2000) ABC transporters in lipid transport. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1486, 128–144. , Gilot, P.

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