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Nowadays the same task is feasible using only a standard pc - even the cheapest graphics cards contain some 3D acceleration hardware. This evolution has lead to the development of quite a few visualization software environments. Some of the most popular of those will be described briefly and their eligibility for incorporation into rave will be discussed. Before that, we take a look at the structural units of a 3D visualization system. A typical 3D visualization system is shown in Figure 19. Starting with the two bottom boxes, images are to be displayed on a display unit connected to the graphics card on a computer.

4 The RHI product rhi is an abbreviation for range/height indicator. The rhi product is generated using data from a single azimuth angle and all elevation angles. The resulting image lies in a plane that is orthogonal to the surface of the earth. See Figure 9. The rhi products provides important information about the altitude and height, or “thickness” of storms. Meteorologists can tell a lot about the current weather situation by looking at a single rhi image! As with the previously described products, some interpolation method is used in order to fill the pixels in the output image that lie between elevations.

0 360. 2 9. 4 The input to a vad algorithm is data from one or several (with different elevation angles) Doppler ppi scans and the desired altitudes at which vad circles should be generated. The output is either a graph like the one in Figure 11 or a set of horizontal vectors, one for each of the desired altitudes. Such an algorithm was already implemented in rave before the start of this project, but the only possible way to view the output from the algorithm was as lists of numbers. A 3D visualization object employing this algorithm has been added (see Figure 29).

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